On this episode Kimberly talks about changing therapist and making sure you get the right fit for your child. What is it like when services for your child end? What happens when you get a really good therapist and their time is up with your child? 

Kimberly shares how life sets you back sometimes. You have to keep pushing, get back up and keep moving. She also touches on how preparing where you can make some transitions go a lot smoother.

On Episode 18 of The Ashley and Grace Podcast Show Kimberly had the opportunity to talk to Sonji Palmer a mother that has been raising her son on the spectrum for over 20 years. She shares some of her journey and why she chose to go Against medicating her child and choose alternative medication. Tune in you won’t want to miss this episode.

Kimberly shares how stepping back from her conventional thinking of how things should go, opened a whole new world for she and Grace.

Join Kimberly while she interviews the founder of Grace Not Perfection LLC, Kayleon Dortch-Elliott. Kayleon is sharing her journey of brining her business to life while giving birth to her baby girl that required an unexpected stop at the NICU (Neo Intensive Care Unit). 

Kimberly and Viri share more thoughts on self-care and encourages others to make sure they are taking time for self, especially if you are a care taker to someone with a disability. 

Kimberly and Viri share how they feel about inclusion in the schools. They also touch on what they think will happen if something happens to them. Who will care for the girls? 

The girls are adjusting to new classes and environments. What is that like when you have kids with special needs. Kimberly and Vidi share their experience with the start of a new school year. 

We missed Vidi and she is back. Kimberly and Vidi are going over what went down in their special needs parenting life over the summer. Tune in, share and remember YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

This episode of The Ashley and Grace Podcast Show Kimberly shares her journey through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with all 3 of her children. It is NICU Awareness month for September. Tune in to hear about her journey. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses holding down the NICU's around the world we appreciate you and all you do!!!!



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